About Pastor Kevin


Growing up in a great Christian home, I was saved by faith in Jesus at a young age, being raised in church all of my life. I was blessed to see my father leave a very lucrative business that he owned to pursue his calling in ministry. All of this took place in the midst of many major family crises and paying for major health challenges that my mother, my sister, and myself faced (we each battled Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). God was and is so faithful and He has proven this time and time again before my family. He has overcome many obstacles, including a complete, miraculous healing of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome each of us faced. Seeing all of this, and even being a “PK” (preacher’s kid) built a deep foundation that I lean on every day. God eventually used that foundation to call me to preach at the age of 17 before I even graduated from high school. This came immediately following a time when He clearly asked me to step away from baseball prior to my senior season, where I would have the chance to earn scholarships for playing college baseball. After stepping away from baseball, God called me to ministry, even though I said, “No way,” at first. Because God doesn’t call the equipped but equips the called, I had my first vocational ministry position before I even graduated from high school, went to Bible college, and got my master’s in seminary, all while pursuing vocational ministry every step of the way. My wife, Jessica, and I were high school sweethearts and were married a year after we graduated, giving us the opportunity to pursue God’s call to ministry side-by-side through all of these years. We now have three beautiful children (Caleb, Callie and Kya). We are blessed and Jesus is the center of it all!

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